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Our Core businesses are engineering, manufacturing, integration of information-telecommunication systems and special microprocessor terminals providing data transfer for mobile and difficult of access objects.

Our products:

  • Hardware and software systems gathering information from observation net of meteorological weather stations;
  • Monitoring systems of forest fire situation for federal and territorial woods aero-protectors;
  • Hardware and software alert systems and documented communication for the force structures;
  • Hardware and software systems supporting mobile objects.

Communication channels using:

  • Radio channels MF, HF, VHF;
  • PSTN;
  • Telegraph channel including secondary compression equipment;
  • Satellite channel "GlobalStar", "Gonets", "Iridium", "Inmarsat", "Thuraya", "VSAT"
  • Cellular channel.

Companies have all require licenses for develop, manufacture, repair and mount systems. Some information and telecommunication systems use by forces of Russian Federation
Last 5 years company implements approximately 200 systems including over 2500 objects.

INCOM Group consists of:

  • INCOM Ltd. is parent enterprise, which develop, manufacture and supply hardware and software systems for different markets (inc. force structures);
  • INCOM Enterprise Ltd. specializes in development of software for geographically distributed systems (meteorological, forestry, woods aero-protection, etc.);
  • INFOCOM Ltd. created thru START 2004 program. It develops hardware and software stand-alone systems gathering and transferring data by Radio channel and GlobalStar satellite;
  • INCOM COMPANY Ltd. created thru START 2005 program. It develops hardware and software systems auto gathering and transferring metrological data from difficult to access areas to data center;
  • Scientific and Production Center STRELA resident of Special Economic Zone in Tomsk. Core business of company is development and supply high technology products into foreign countries;
  • Scientific and Technical Company CYBERCENTRE Ltd. is Innovation company. It develops monitoring systems of mobile objects.
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